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Westland Survival MOD APK Free Craft 0.10.2

Westland Survival MOD APK by Helio ltd is a survival MMORPG with beautiful graphics. The gameplay of survival in difficult conditions just like Last Day on earth Survival. The settings of the Wild West and many other positive traits. Gamers are invited to move to the land of the Great Plains and build a ranch. They are waiting for resource extraction, construction of buildings and defensive structures, completing quests, travel and of course the battle with a variety of dangers, of which there is big set. Westland survival is packed with Unlimited Money,Free Purchase and Crafting.

Download Westland Survival MOD APK Unlimited Money Free Craft 0.10.2

In the WildWest Survival MOD APK of the Great American outlaws and even sheriffs are corrupted and hungry for money. And then bounty hunters are born. you are the pale hunter who is surviving in the westworld following west cultures. Your only goal is to survive and bring down the thief and enemies. When it comes to MOD APK for Money you will have them from the beginning so you can build and craft all equipment, cloths and weapons at your finger tip.
If you have played LDOE then you will be much more familiar with this game. Its menu,tabs and gameplay is all inspired from Last Day On Earth. We have Zombies survival game, Jurassic survival game and now we have westland Survival game on Android. There is not much to talk about except for the amazing westland settings and new theme. you can build different west world items or unlock equipment. since you will have unlimited money MOD you will be able to build all those building easily without needed of any RANK or level.
Amazing concept of a game based on Survival gameplay. Players are often get addicted due to its collectable gameplay and building shelters. you can easily craft best items using Westland Survival MOD APK. Equip them and get stats boost. alternatively you can roam around the world to gather resources but in this MOD APK you will have Free Purchase and Free craft MOD so you will not need any kind of materials. Enjoy the MOD APK in West World Settings.
What’s New: v 0.10.2
– New types of the Bandits Hideout locations were added.
– Bandits speed on the ranch during the raid was reduced.
– You don’t need resources to fix destroyed walls anymore.
– We have added a fog on the global map to hide all closed location. However, several locations are still visible ;)
– We have reduced food production time.

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Free Purchase/Craft/Bulilding/Shopping
Magic Split

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up
Version: 0.10.2

Download Links:
To download mod apk (NO ROOT)